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FLO Organisation

The FLO - Organization certified farm BANELINO in January 2003 as a FairTrade producer of Organic Bananas and Convencional Bananas.

Plantaciones del Norte SA will be the exporter for this FairTrade bananas.

Our Brand will be Sabrosa FairTrade and we will use the label of a member from the FLO - Organization.

We are waiting to be certified by FLO also for the Organic Bananas of Ecuador.

We are very happy to made part of the FLO Organisation and we will do our best for also technical support for the producer and to satisfy in this way our final customer.
In this way we will garantee by time for both a relationship for a long time..

For more information of the FLO-Organisation you are welcome on his website: www.fairtrade.net